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About me

short info about me

Im a teacher and a member of a trinity witch school

im 17 years old and i study witch craft for 6 years and yes in early aged i do study them, my grand father is a witch and he pass his craft to my mother and her brother and the last generation of witches in my family is me.

questions will be answered here:

Q:why do you like being a witch?

-well,the real thing i like being a witch but then i realize that my talents and ability are the most amazing thing that happen to me, i could share it with other people.. and im not a selfish person thats why i make this site for them to study.

Q:what are your abilities?

-palmistry,out of body experience, clairvoyant,clairaudience,clairsentinence,tarot reading,premonition,flash back.

Q:are you scared when you doing a ritual?, or were u scared in the first place?

-yes, i was scared because its not the same normal thing that happening its different, yes there is a limit in doing a ritual but i do study them and it takes me a days for me to study them carefully.

Q:how many years you study and your experiences?

-i study 6 years, i teach student for 2 years and have accomplish being a sorceress by the high power of school of trinity witch craft

Q:do you cast black magic?, how often? and why?

-yes i cast black magic but not often i only cast for rituals.

Q;does your family knows about this?

-yes but my father was against it, but still i do tell him if ever i had a camp for trinity witch craft he could me see doing the ritual

Q:is this something that you hate being a witch?

-oh yes, people judges me by my looks and physical appearance well and their emotional trance about witches, that witches are evil and bad, well to tell you the truth there is two kind of witches the evil one's and the good one's im on the middle. not all the witches are bad and please do not judge them or they will curse you a evil eye

Q:you favorite casting spells?

-love spells ....often..

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