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trinity witch craft
Binding spells
Dream recall
sex and lust spells
black magic spells
animal spells
astral projection/dreams/levitation
money spells
health spells 1
health spells 2
General spells
love spells
Love spells 1
Beginners in craft
Principles of Belief
The thirteen Goals of witches
ouija board
About me
beauty spells
omens and belief
good luck superstitions
bad luck superstitions
general superstitions


merry meet everyone, welcome to my site hope that you will be having a wonderful visit here
i dedicate this to all witches, and may you all be full of love and joy. blessed be everyone


Organization News

my students are having a open camp for trinity witch craft school, it open for 15 years old to 22 years old

summer camp is over and the next trinity school of witch craft will be held on november more info to come

Becoming a Member

im the member of this organization i was before a student of a trinity witch craft school

basically all my skills and inspiration are for me to share with others,

please contact me if you wish to join my trinity school of witch craft and other activity to reach other people what we are, and what we do..