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yes animals too have spells

Spell To Become Closer To Your Cat

Preparation: Work with brown candles. Take the following herbs and empower each with its meaning and becoming closer to your pet/familiar in mind.

Catnip-Helps create a bond between you

Vervain-For Peace and Protection

Gardernia-For Spirituality

Saffron-For Strength

Love Seed-For Friendship

Passion Flower-For Friendship

Working: Take 1/2 of the empowered herbs and wrap in a small square of brown cloth and tie it off with a brown cord or string. Take the other half and make a smaller sachet for your pet. Wear yours four days meditating with your pet at least once a day. You can tie the pet's sachet on while meditating. After those four days take all the herbs and burn as incense while sharing a meal with your pet.

In Raymond Buckland's "Scottish Witchcraft" he talks about "mind merging" with animals and plants brfore you use them to make dinner! You can use the idea to "mind merge" with animals for other reasons:

Ground yourself, then sit or lie on the ground. Let your mind be led to the animal. Make mind contact(it's best if you can see the animal or you are within sight of it's home). Let your mind go out and touch the other form of life. Blend with it; sense the surroundings, smell the smells; hear the sounds; be aware of the temperatures.

Once you have blended, introduce yourself. Explain why you want to communicate with the animal.

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