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black magic spells for you but be careful it will come back to knock your door...

incubus and succubus summoning

>does anyone have any knowledge of incubus and succubus? has anyone >every tried a spell relating to calling an incubus or succubus . what >would happen if a spell were done and one of these apppered? would it >really be like having sex in a dream like state? thanks for help,

Succubus is a female dream demon and incubus is a male sex demon. I believe they were most popular in the Victorian age when all things occult were in fashion. I don't recomend calling these as they are not really beings or evergies which are constructive. If you wish, do try as I know admonishing you not to will only encourage you to try. People are drawn to those things they are forbidden. While I give a suggestion below of how to do this, I am by no means encouraging you to do this.

Clearly mark the floor with a white chord and take 3 black candles (or 5) and place them equidistant appart. Outside the circle, have 3 or 5 (same number as candles) protective talismans or sigils around you. Also, if possible, create an outer circle made from crushed protective herbs mixed together. Calm yourself and relax. Centre yourself. Now, visualize the circle around you, protecting you and seperating you from the rest of your house. This is *essential*. Once you have done that, and the candles are lit, lay in the pentagram position (arms straight out, legs apart) and summon the succubus (I suggest this over an incubus because of the different nature of a succubus over an incubus). Feel her come into the circle and feel her power. Feel her coalese into a physical, or semi physical form and now you'll be able to interact with her. She should be easier to invoke and banish than an Incubus and I suggest a successful encounter with her followed by a successful banish of her before attempting the more aggressive Incubus. Always do these at the new moon

Again, I'm not suggesting you do this, but oif you must, please be careful.

locking and holding the door shut
Hello everyone. I came across this really interesting spell the other day and wanted to share it with everyone. Its a spell for locking/holding doors shut. Whether they be material, spiritual, or astral

You need to start by meditating before hand on the effect of the spell for at least 15 minutes. Then, to cast, you sprinlke holy water mixed with salt and powdered iron, infront of the door that you want to lock. then place your hands on the door and concentrate your energies going down your right arm, going through the door and back into your left arm.

then you start chanting:

Portal be mine,

Become one with my mind,

I hold thee fast,

to make to last,

open you not,

as I weave the knot

of my power from within.

keep chanting this as you build up power, and imaine the circle of energy (right arm through door back into left arm) getting faster and faster. Then upon release, viualize a green field of energy coming up infront of the door.

Preparetory Spell before preforming Black Magic...

"Expugno Lumen, Nillus Lux,

Vis Levis, Luciens Nux"


We Extinguish the Light, We Render it&#8217;s Death,
Violent Light, Light is Dead

Said 3x with a bell dipped in fresh blood and rung 3x over the Gate or summoning sigi

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